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The company is an Engineering concern, with the name and style “M/s Creative Engineers & Consultants - (Sole Licensee for Miura Engineering Co. Ltd. Japan) (hereinafter referred to as CEAC).

CEAC is a Proprietary Concern, owned by Mr. Stephen S. Soans. It provides services to the customers on improvement and also solutions to the problems arising from the operating systems connected with edible oil refineries.

Mr. Stephen S. Soans, who heads the concern, is with a technical background and has been involved and over the years, extensively well versed in the edible oil industry and its need in India.

After involving a lot of thought processes, he explored the possibility of bringing time of its kind technology to India and entered into a Foreign Technology Agreement with M/s. Miura Engineering Company Limited, Japan, (hereinafter referred to as MEC) is the best-known provider of the relevant technology in the whole of the world in the said area.

CEAC, with the technical know-how and with the help of M/s. Miura Engineering Co. Ltd., Japan, (MEC), introduced an efficient SELF CLEANING GRAVITY SUPER FILTER that works on gravity pressure to Indian manufacturers of Rice Bran Oil (RBO) and other oils. This SELF CLEANING Gravity SUPER FILTER is the first of its kind in India, to be built with 100% support from MEC.

Technical Know-How agreement was signed with MEC first on 27 -04-2004 and again on 05-05-2006 after getting approval from the Foreign Investment Promotion Board (FIPB) a department of the Government of India on 05-09-2005 to transfer the royalty for the sale of every unit.

CEAC is competing with the global market in the field of Edible Oil for supplying and commissioning SELF CLEANING GRAVITY SUPER FILTER. Owing to the magnitude of business CEAC had to expand its business globally and had recently catered Miura’s SELF CLEANING Gravity Super Filter to Turkey, Nepal & Italy. CEAC is uplifted and geared up to get the CE Certification.

The SELF CLEANING GRAVITY SUPER FILTER has been designed for use in De-waxing and winterizing Process of vegetable oils, based on many years of research, experience, and record in this field by MEC. This Specially designed SELF CLEANING GRAVITY SUPER FILTER operates automatically at high efficiency and saves energy to a greater extent. It is used in the processing of all kinds of oils such as Sunflower, Soya Bean, Cotton Seed, Corn, Sesame, and Rice Bran Oil.

creative Engineers & Consultants

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In the year 1999


Proprietary Company


Manufacturing, supplying and commissioning of Gravity filters for De-waxing edible oil with the help of associated companies at Goa & Karnataka State.

Technical Tie Up

With M/s Miura Engineering Company, Tokyo, Japan.


Our Associated Company is having all the facilities with the skilled task force to deliver the quality products within the specified time and meeting all and creating all neccessory requirements.

creative Engineers & Consultants

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