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Miura Engineering Company Limited [MEC], Japan, is a corporation, organized and existing under the laws of Japan, having its principal business at 3-1-11, Ojima, Koto-Ku-Tokyo, Japan 136-0072.

MEC is a leading engineering Company specializing in edible oil processing plants in Japan. MEC was established on September 9, 1948, and has been quite active in the edible oil industry for more than seven decades. The Foreign Company is a leading Engineering Company specializing in Edible Oil Processing in the Far East. Its solutions are based on cutting-edge technologies and bring the latest innovative possibilities to reality. During the last 5 decades, from 1975, they have had utmost experience in Edible Oil Refining Sections, manned by 15 plus engineers professed in that field. They are Engineers of the highest quality, who have been supplying Japanese ethnic Services and high-quality custom-made Oil Plants. They boast of having the finest customer relations since then.

Apart from this, they have a patented heat recovery system and a Hydrogenation system. With all these extraordinary activities, MEC, with its technology, could remain active in the world market for its proven technology.

Creative Engineers & Consultants


Designing and Engineering Edible oil Refinery including Self Cleaning Gravity Super Filter for De-Waxing and winterizing the edible oils (Currently, Miura has technical tie-up with M/s.Creative Engineers, and Consultants only, for manufacturing of SELF CLEANING Gravity Super Filters Globally). MEC has supplied their edible oil refining plant in the USA, China, Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand, etc., apart from selling many such systems in Japan.